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Bits and Bobs

September 2015

I wanted to experiment with tiny bits of fabrics randomly applied to look a little like stained glass or cobblestones. 

I started with twelve panels, cut 10.5" wide, wof. Using a glue stick I arranged bits of fabric over about 10" of a panel then rough edge sewed them on. I repeated this until all twelve panels were covered in bits and bobs. I then sewed the panels together into six longer panels. 

I used pale blue/grey cotton for the sashing which was cut at 5.5". 

I machine quilted randomly down each panel then quilted around each panel in the ditch. 

There is no batting since I wanted it for a very light summer quilt. The backing is muslin. 

It has an infinity edge binding (binding is folded completely to the back so no binding shows on the front) made of the background colour.  

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